Custom Aquariums design, install and maintain top end marine aquariums.

We have extensive experience in the designing, building, stocking and maintenance of freshwater & saltwater aquariums and living coral reefs as well as artificial coral reefs. Our clients include restaurants, hotels, corporate offices as well as numerous upmarket private homes. Although based in Cape Town, we have representation in all major centres of South Africa and have worked internationally.

In addition to the supply of liverock, marine fish and corals, we also offer the full range of hardware needed to support your Urban Marine aquarium masterpiece. We believe in setting up your aquarium from the outset correctly so that your fish and corals thrive in the long term. We put a lot of emphasis on the quarantine of all livestock entering your aquarium so as to prevent complete devastation of your main display through disease outbreaks. Custom Aquariums has full quarantine facilities to ensure peace of mind for all our clients. If the setup of your tank, i.e. life support system, is done correctly, the outcome in terms of longevity of livestock and aesthetics of your display aquarium is enhanced.

Custom Aquariums has raised the bar in this industry in terms of professionalism, knowledge and experience. We have over 20 years of aquarium husbandry experience and pride ourselves on maintaining crystal clear water that replicates the natural coral reef environment as well as being able to source rare fish from all over the world, including Hawaii, Christmas Islands, Australia, Mexico, Kenya, Vanuatu, Singapore, amongst others. We will assist in choosing corals or livestock that are compatible and thrive in their new environment. We can advise on starter fish and invertebrates for a new system, and also source unusual and exotic specimens for the more experienced hobbyist.

In addition Custom Aquariums has pioneered the industry by introducing realistic looking artificial coral reefs that are replicated on actual real species of coral.These artificial coral reefs are custom designed and manufactured for each installation and therefore are unique to each installation.These reefs are not demanding in terms of water quality as are real corals and allow the introduction of fish species that would normally eat real coral.An example would be  the larger colourful angels and triggers.The artificial coral reef not only looks great but is a winner all around.

Although Custom Aquariums has full quarantine facilities and regularly imports both hardware and livestock, we are not a retail store. We are an aquarium service provider, focused on services that you won’t find at large Pet Stores.